Czy temperatura światła ma znaczenie?
Kamil / 03.12.2021

Does light temperature matter?


Does light temperature matter?

Not many people know that the color of light has a huge impact on our mood and comfort. When buying lighting we mainly think about what style will fit into the interior, not paying attention to the color of light. However, it is worth looking into the subject of the color of lighting. Do you know how important the color of light is and how to choose it for a particular room? It is worth realizing that the color of light affects the perception of a room and even the mood of people who are in it. If you want to know more, stay with us. You will find out today:

  • How to distinguish the color of light?
  • What are Kelvin?
  • What do the symbols on the bulbs mean?
  • Where can I find information about the color of light?


In order to understand the topic of light color well, you have to start at the very beginning and remember your school days. The kelvin is the SI unit of temperature in which the color temperature of light is measured. It is not about the heat emitted by the light emitter, but about the color of the light. The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer and more yellow the light is. The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light is, the more yellow it is, while the higher the Kelvin value, the colder the light is, the more white (blue) it is. This is perfectly illustrated by the infographic below.

The most common light colors we use range from 2200K to 6500K, and it can be divided into three groups, from left:

  • Warm color - 2200 - 3200 [K].
  • Neutral color - 3300 - 4500 [K]
  • Cool color - 4600 - 6500 [K].
Temperatura światła - odcienie oświetlenia - barwa światła

2700K - yellow color of light

This shade of light is ideal for rooms where household members are relaxing. The lighting will work best in bedside and children's lamps. It is a gentle and cozy light. It is worth creating such a corner in the house, where such a light color will allow you to easily calm down and relax. Recently it has become fashionable to imitate old incandescent bulbs with just a warm color of light. This type of bulbs can be installed in lamps without lampshades or with a specially prepared lampshade construction. They look great and the yellow light is not offensive.

3000K - warm light

This color of light is perfect for reading, you can also work with it. It is not as yellow as 2700K but it is still warm and pleasant to the eye. In home rooms it is perfect as a central lighting.

4000K - neutral light

Neutral light is more and more common in modern arrangements. Light bulbs of this color can be used in offices, bathrooms and kitchens. This type of lighting is also used to illuminate the facade or garden. It is an excellent compromise between warm lighting and completely cold blue lighting. It is worth looking at the led lighting, neutral temperature LED most commonly used solution in lighting fixtures. Neutral color can be successfully used in home offices, offices, as well as corporate, commercial and domestic spaces. Due to the fact that neutral light is close to daylight, natural light works very well on our concentration and efficiency. Neutral LED lighting is a versatile solution that is therefore eco-friendly and economical due to its low energy consumption. By hobbyists used in terrariums or aquariums. This light is supposed to reflect the daily life mode of animals.

 6000K - light for work

It is worth remembering the higher Kelvin value, the cooler the light is. The light of this temperature renders colors well and is used everywhere where clear lighting is needed. It can be used in store lighting and store windows where goods display is very important.


The color of the light is one of the basic values and this information is therefore given on the packaging of the light bulb itself. Lamps with traditional incandescent bulbs do not have a light color label, because you decide for yourself when buying a bulb - what color it will be. The light parameters of the lamp will depend on the bulb. The situation is different in LED lighting fixtures, where the source of light is built-in and not replaceable. In this case, all indications of power, color of light and number of lumens should be found on the packaging of the lamp. The easiest way to find such information is during online shopping. In our stores, among others, they are given on the product card together with other technical data. If such information is missing on the product card, it is worth contacting the store staff. Our team will try to provide comprehensive information on the topic.