About us

Lumenos is created by team of people for whom nothing is impossible.

Every member of the team is a lighting expert. We know everything about lighting! We create them out of passion. We spend a lot of time and energy on designing perfect lighting, which surprises even the most demanding of us. Everyone in the team is involved in creating the lamps, without exception. We have an extensive technology, design, production and sales department. Lamps offered in our shop are designed to create a unique design which is to distinguish our company. we set new standards.

The team of is closer to people and we treat each case as a priority and individually. Thanks to this approach we know what products consumers expect and how to provide the highest quality service in terms of comfort and use of lamps.


Customer satisfaction is most important

Customer service means being open to all suggestions and criticism. We take them to heart and learn from our mistakes. Our customer service department consists of experts who enjoy working with people to meet their current and potential customers. Since its inception, our company has placed great importance on the satisfaction of our customers.

Beneficial and safe online shopping

Risk-free online shopping is provided by Online shopping is often preceded by the question: “will our money not go down the drain this time, will we be satisfied with the purchased product? We dispel all doubts. Purchases in our shop are completely safe and uncomplicated, you can always use the advice of our advisers who offer their knowledge and experience. We even offer a 7-year warranty on our products.

Employees factor for success

We know that the success of our company depends first and foremost on our employees. They are the creators of the biggest ideas in our team. Always loyal, they share and copy the system of values which has prevailed since the beginning of the company. Teamwork, knowledge, humour and hard work are the qualities which unite the whole team

Lamps and lighting for living, living and working

Fascination with light, design, action, dynamically developing technology are the main features of our company which deals with designing and selling lamps and lighting for your home. Apart from standard lighting offered by we create lamps for individual customers. Our lighting fixtures are tailored to the needs of hotels, guest houses, inns, restaurants, wedding houses, residential premises around the world.